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Imlek and Cap Go Meh Festival in Probolinggo-East Java-Indonesia

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Imlek which we recognize in Indonesia as a tradition of Chinese New Year celebration to the citizen clan of Tionghoa. Is an important celebration tradition to Tionghoa citizen and East Asia in general, mostly to Korean and Vietnamese. While Chap Go Meh is a day 15th, to represent the last day from a period of celebrate the Imlek Festival.
In Indonesia, this celebration was prohibited to be celebrated publicly at an era of 1965 to 1998 while the second of Republic of Indonesia President by released of Instruction President no 14 year 1967. Entire of All celebration smelling Tionghoa tradition prohibited to celebrated publicly, including celebration of Imlek.

But since year of 1999 while Mr. KH. Abdul Rahman Wahid as become the 4th of Republic of Indonesia President, the tradition of Imlek and Chap Goh Meh celebration in Indonesia enabled by abstracting the Instruction President no 14 year 1967. And that decision was also strenghtened by the next President Mrs. Megawati Soekarno Putri by releasing of Presidential Letter no 19 year 2002 on 9-April-2002, decided that Imlek as a National Public holiday in Indonesia. Then since year 2003 formaly Imlek expressed as a national holiday.

With above existence of 2 decision from our President in an era of reforms, was build up again all the Chinese tradition in Indonesia especially a tradition for Imlek celebration. The Chinese New Year (Imlek) celebration was also held this year in a small town in East Java, Probolinggo. This celebration became a special in Probolinggo as this town well known as moeslem town and mostly of the peoples are Javanese and Maduranese ethnic. This celebration might be is an ordinarry celebration in Medan, Pontianak, Singkawang, Tanjung Balai, but to be a special matter in Probolinggo. These proofed by enthusiastic of the town peoples in Probolinggo. Not only Chinese clan to celebrate the Festival, but also come from Javanese and Maduranese peoples.

There is one religious service place, Vihara (kelenteng) it's name Tempat Ibadah Tri Dharma (TITD) Sumber Naga (Liong Tjwan Bio), located in WR. Supratman str Town Probolinggo. The location of the Vihara is very unique. It's exactly build in the middle of the WR. Supratman street. WR. Supratman str unfold from General Sudirman str head for north up to General A. Yani str, about 100 meter north direction from crossroad of Imam Bonjol str. WR. Supratman str is devide become two way in front of Vihara gate, east and west. Behind the Vihara then WR. Supratman street to become one street again to reach the junction of A. Yani street.

Highly appricited to the Government of Town Probolinggo in this case Mr. Mayor HM Buchori, SH. M.Si supported by On duty Young man, Sport And Tourism which have carried out Cultural of Carnaval in Town Probolinggo in order to Imlek 2560 with its top celebration of Chap Go Meh on Sunday, 08 February 2009.
As for the carnaval route riddening away from Place of Sumber Naga Vihara ( TITD ) in WR. Supratman str, turn to right up at Imam Bonjol str, then turn to left to Dr. Saleh str – turn left to General Sudirman str – turn left again to General Gatot Subroto str then turn left up at Imam Bonjol str again and then turn to right again to TITD of Sumber Naga Vihara.

In this carnaval pageant a number of Deity stretcher from TITD Sumber Naga from Town Probolinggo, TITD Tik Liong Tian from Rogojampi, TITD Nara Raksita Hoo Tong Bio from Banyuwangi, Besuki, Pasuruan And Holy House from Jember, accompanied by Liong attraction and Barongsai. Besides having a share to enliven this carnaval are artistry of LENCENK JU’LANTHENG area from Sub-Province of Sampang - Madura, artistry of Bali area, Society Kang and Yuk Town Probolinggo, Pecinta Seni of Sunan Kalijaga, Jebing Patrol, typical artistry of Probolinggo that is Jaran Bodak.
What most interesting is KOBUDA finalist appearance ( Contest Dress Leaf ) from SMPN 8 and the CHAMPION of KOBUDA 2008 that is SMU N 2 Town Probolinggo.
Glorious so enthusiastic and entire of all Probolinggo towny greet the celebration carnaval by accompanying and supporting in every – every roadside passed.

Hopefully this activity will be continued every year and it is of course hotly Association and Unity from Probolinggo citizen.

Again cladding.. Probolinggo thank you very much, thanks to Mr. Mayor HM. Buchori…
Great Probolinggo...

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