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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woooww.. it’s really amazing to knowing that i got friendship blog awards from my new friend Fanda.
Frankly, I started to blogging since early of January 2009, and even I do not know what blog is. So then I always go to bookstore in every my spare time. I took some book references for my blogging activities, took some software to support, and blogwalking everytime to learn to senior bloggers.

I know Mbak Fanda from a link of my friend blog, and I clicked it to visitited her blog. I found there a lot of fabulous books to share with all her blog readers. As far I know her in the blog world as good writer with fresh topic arise in every her blog posting. So don’t miss it…. Visit her blog then you will find a lot of good things there….
One more thing…she is a fans of Scuderia Ferrari F1 team and Kimi Raikonen...:), as my fav too…

Thanks Mbak Fanda for the awards… nice to know you and get friendship with you… keeps write good things…

For the moment, I just nominate 2 blogs to get this friendship awards, but it does not mean that i would not be a friend with others. You can take the friendship awards here.

1)Blog Motivasi Sukses..
Mas Arif always motivated peoples to go on success, positive thinking and do a right things. He is the first blogger who ask me to link exchange with him.
It’s really proud and honors to know a senior blogger such him come and visit my baby blog and make a link to my blog.
Thank’s a lot Mas Arif… keep blogging and action..
Salam sukses…

2) Rudy Firmanto
He was my friend in Senior High School (SMA N 2) in Lumajang, East Java. The first of my old friends from Lumajang who I found in facebook, he lives now in Tangerang. Come on Rud… you have an interested blog.. go active and update your blog everytime. Trust you have something special in your mind. (nyemangatin critanya Rud…)

Last but not least to all bloggers, let’s we do a right and positive things… keep peace in the earth and don’t miss on 9 April for Free and peace election..

Have a nice day…

Posted by Yudie at 1:30 PM  


Thanks a lot for the award mas Yudie it's the 3rd Award I got. It really boosts my spirit n motivation to keep on blogging n motivating others thru blogging. God bless you :)


March 19, 2009 at 2:21 PM  

Wow...thanks for posting my awards and recommending my blog as well. I appreciate it very much. Your compliment encourage me to do better, to write more good quality posts, and to share more goodness to the world. Keep blogging!

Fanda said...
March 20, 2009 at 9:39 PM   May 5, 2010 at 3:59 PM  

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